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What Do Sheep Eat Keeping Your Sheep Healthy Will Demand A Certain Diet

So you've chose to raise sheep for their produce such as for meat or their wool. Section of having a good livestock produce is by keeping your sheep healthy and well fed. So what do sheep eat?

Generally sheep are grazers and would rather eat grass, clover and weeds. Nevertheless they also eat a variety of plants that other livestock may refuse and would even eat plants you never wish to eat like leaves from your vegetable plot. Sheep should least eat around two percent of its weight each day. However, pregnant ewes should be given a litter a lot more than this. Protein requirement is about 8 to 10% of its diet.

What do sheep eat during winter or dry season?

Sheep that are kept in farm land are usually fed from pastures. A pasture is vegetation-covered plot of land that's useful for grazing by farm and ranch animals such as horses, cattle and sheep. Through the seasons when grass is unavailable for pasture grazing or is insufficient in supply, feeding grass hay will do to keep the food requirements of mature sheep. Hay is cut and dried forage and has many variations in species but is generally differentiated by their maturity if they are harvested.

When should grain be fed to sheep?

Feeding grain to a mature sheep should be done gradually and in controlled amounts. An excessive amount of grain intake in its diet could cause your sheep to develop heath problems such as over eating and urinary calculi. Feeding grain to sheep is similar to feeding kids candy; they are addicting and cause obesity in sheep. Grain should only be fed to sheep occasionally and as special treats or if they still lambs.

What in case you know when choosing feeds for sheep?

When choosing feeds, ensure that they are designed for sheep and don't mix them with other feed services and products that aren't designed for sheep. Some feeds which can be designed for other animals such as those designed for goats may contain ingredients that harmful to sheep to consume.

What do sheep eat once they are young lambs?

More nutritional variation of feeds and grains are included with the standard diet of sheep during its first 12 months. Additionally it is okay to incorporate grain to a lamb's diet. This can help improve their prospect of growth.

What do sheep eat if they are pregnant?

Avoid feeding ewes you want to breed clovers, alfalfa and birdsfoot trefoil since it may delay estrus, which is the same as the period of humans. The amount of food directed at a pregnant ewe also needs to vary to increase egg production and size of its offspring. As an example it's best for ewes to achieve weight during the first two weeks and a week ago of its pregnancy to do this goal.

Lastly, always keep motorhome water filters available because sheep, unlike cattle, usually do not drink dirty water. Having sufficient water also aids in preventing the development of kidney stones in male sheep.

Garden Hose – How To Buy The Right One

A garden hose becomes an essential item for countryside houses, resorts, hotels and similar places with acres of land and larger gardens or lawn areas. You can opt for this helpful aid to water your surroundings and to keep them clean during the hot and dusty summer months. You can easily decide on whether to buy one or not – however, to decide on where to, how to and which one to buy is always a tougher puzzle.

How To Buy

Before buying a garden hose, just ask yourself few questions and try to answer them correctly. This would make the task easier. Here is what you need to determine before venturing out on a buying spree -

- The length of the area to be watered

- The distance between the water supply and the area to be watered (to determine the length of the pipe)

- Whether you would like cheap one or a high quality one

- Material used

- The connections

- Thickness

- Diameter

- Color

- Your budget

Important Aspects

Here are some things you need to pay attention to -

- Check out the models and prices at different outlets

- Ask for the accessories you would get, and determine if these accessories would be of any use to you

- The warranty period

- Check out features like the burst strength, and measurements like the length, diameter, the material used, type etc.

Materials Used

Depending on the budget you allocate for purchasing a garden hose, you can opt for a low or high quality one. It is better to buy one that is durable, flexible and made of material like rubber, otherwise you may need to replace it with a new one in the near future. Vinyl hoses are inexpensive and usually of a low quality.


You typically get a garden hose in four sizes ranging from half an inch to one inch. You can purchase one with a larger diameter if you have a bigger area to cover and the distance between the water supply and area to be watered is more or if you need to water uneven ground.


If your garden features small plants, there is no point in purchasing a thicker hose – the thickness varies from 2-6 plies. The thicker it is, the greater would be the pressure per square inch. Moreover, the thick ones tend to bend more and therefore, you would not experience an even flow of water, and would have trouble watering your plants.


There are different types of garden hoses: ordinary and commercial ones, Soaker, Flat, Coil, Farm & Ranch, and Camper & Marine hoses. You can get a variety of models under these categories. Before buying a garden hose, you can even consult your neighbors or friends who have the required buying experience.

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